Cayman Unique Wedding Locations

We love weddings, whether they are in a hotel, a restaurant or a private villa there is something so magical about a wedding. To take a couples vision, personality and dream and turn that into a reality is such a special experience. To watch two people that love each other take pieces of their character and put them into one picture for this day is a work of art.

For each couple there is a completely different process to getting ready for the big day. We don’t want our couples to fit into a cookie cutter experience and we truly want this day to represent the truest version of them. For some couples this vision may take us to a hotel or to a restaurant but for others this is not the right fit. It all comes down to taking the most important part of this couple and their past, present and future and seeing where that guides us. For the couples that don’t see themselves in any of the locations we have already discussed we have created a list of some of our favorite unique locations.

1) The Botanical Gardens
One of our favorite places to see couples get married is outdoors, in nature, surrounded by the amazing flora and fauna that this island has to offer. The Botanical gardens are home to multiple sites that you can get married, each unique and naturally beautiful.

2) Pedro St James
Pedro St James is a historical site that is home to a great house from the 18th century. The property is overlooking the sea and the bluffs of north end and is a truly magical space.

3) Cayman Spirits Distillery
Looking for something for urban and industrial ? Why not have dinner amongst the distilling tanks of our local rum and spirits?
Cayman Spirits also owns The Outpost at Pedro St James which provides another unique and stunning space for a wedding or event.

4) Sunset Bay
A private property located on the sea side with a huge property that provides an Italian Villa feel in the middle of the Caribbean. This property is owned by local catering company Mis En Place who will also provide you with an amazing meal.
Giant tents under the star light…dreamy!

5) The National Gallery
Modern Vibes and artsy touches are what you will get at the stunning National Gallery. The architecture alone is something to be in awe of. Also find a labyrinth, sculpture garden and unique exhibitions. One of our favorite spaces to create a very personal and artsy mood for your day.

6) Camana Bay
You can get married on a private island, in a secluded court yard, in front of glowing water fountain and so much more. Camana Bay is home to many hidden coves that can make your event unique and personal. You will find tons of great photo ops around every corner and this mini metropolitan center offers trendy and modern vibes with a true Caribbean experience at the same time.

We are constantly searching out unique and new locations for wedding on the island. If you are looking for a specific vision or vibe for your event let us know, we are happy to find a space that is exactly what you are looking for. Discovering new spaces and transforming them into magical event spaces is our passion and we can’t wait to discover something new and exciting for each and every one of our clients.