Resturant Weddings

Cayman Restaurant Weddings

We previously spoke about the many restaurants available in Cayman and the diversity of each one. With over 250 restaurants for dining on the island why not consider one for you’re wedding venue?

Not only do these spaces contain amazing food and drink they also provide unique ambiance that can be suited to your vision and desires. Many of the restaurants on the island have beautiful, unique and luxurious decor.

The great benefit of having a space that is already established is that you won’t need to provide much additional decor, even the chairs and flatware are already there and coordinated with your style of choice. You know you love the food and drink, and your licensing is already in place.

Restaurants will also have top notch service and most don’t charge a venue fee as long as you meet the minimum in food and beverage.

If you are a foodie who feels the cuisine is one of the most important parts of your wedding than we love to recommend restaurants for the full dining experience.
In addition to amazing food and ambiance a lot of our restaurants are working the local produce and farmers in order to make sure you are getting the best food possible.
Nothing can beat a memorable meal surrounded by those you love in an intimate environment.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants on the island for getting married:

1) Agua- Camana Bay
This is for sure our number one choice. Every single aspect of this restaurant is on par. From the moment you arrive in the glass dining room, take a seat of the velvet bar stools and order the best cocktail you have ever had you know this is your happy place.
Food, drink, decor and service are all fully on point and create an experience to remember.

2) Bacaro- Morgans Harbour Yacht Club
Right on the Canal with a beautiful sea breeze blowing through. This space has multiple areas both indoor and outdoor. You can have everything from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception all in one place, all with a different feel. Industrial chic with a touch of Moroccan tile and Caribbean seas. The food is on point and the decor is hard to beat.

3) Anchor & Den- Marriott Hotel
Fabulous ambiance, decor, food and service. This space offers a very west coast vibe with lounging couches, wood tables and funky framed artwork. The space has a very earthy vibe with modern touches and unique food, drink and specialty services. In house chocolate, gelato and pastries are also available. And the cocktails are hard to beat.

4) Pappagallo
Unique location on the water in West Bay. Yurt like building with an indoor and outdoor space for celebrating. An all male serving staff that is beyond professional, a menu that is warm and hearty and an ambiance that makes you feel like you are being welcomed home. Take a visit to the resident parrots that the restaurant is named after for that unique tropical touch.

These are a few of our all time favorites at the moment, however we only recommend places that we have first hand experience with. We will continue to expand on our recommendations as we do some more hands on experience and tasting of course.
We also have a large selection of other restaurants that we are happy to recommend so just let us know where you are thinking and we will be happy to let you know everything we know.