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Cayman Beach Weddings

The majority of people when they come to get married in the Cayman Islands are looking for a beach wedding. Cayman is known for have some of the most pristine beaches in the word. There are no words that can even explain the blue of the ocean and the white of the sand, truly magical. In addition we are home to some of the best sunsets in the world.

When planning to get married on the beach in Cayman there are some things that you will want to consider.

1) The weather in Cayman is consistently hot with year round temperatures in the high 80’s. In the summer months you can expect it to feel much hotter as it is very humid. Due to the constant sun and extreme heat we defiantly recommend that beach ceremonies happen at 5pm and later. We do not want your guests to be uncomfortable or the bride and groom to be sweating away. Perk is that you can get married close to sunset which will lead into the perfect photo opportunities.

2) Rainy season in the Cayman is from June- November. We still have many, many days with no rain in these months but the chances are higher and the weather can be unpredictable. Weddings at this time of year we still like to recommend as the beaches are quieter and the costs are lower due to down season but you do need to be flexible that if it rains we will need to use our back up plan.

3) The beaches in Cayman are public beaches and therefore we cannot guarantee that no other people will be there. People are very respectful here and there are a lot of wedding so people are used to respecting these times but it is a public space. We work hard to set things up so that no one is invading your space and that your moment is just for you.
There are places like the hotels that have specific beach areas just for weddings however these are sectors of the private beach.
If wanting a fully secluded beach we recommend renting a private villas or using some of the beaches on north or east end versus seven mile beach etc.

4) It can be windy on the beaches in Cayman so when choosing your hair style, dress, ceremony decor etc this is something that we like to consider.

Beach Weddings in Cayman really are beautiful and magical and create a backdrop like none other. Whether having 10 people or 100 people this can be a stunning and affordable venue for your special moment.

Want to learn more about the beaches in Cayman, send us a note as we would love to share with you all about the magical beaches on Cayman.