Cayman Wedding Flowers

Who doesn’t think of huge amazing bouquets of flowers when thinking of a wedding?
Flowers can be one of the most memorable aspects of decor at your event. They can add a large dose of style and life to what once was just an open space.

However when getting married in a destination location, especially in the Caribbean there are details that you do need to consider when choosing florals. Sometimes this is where you will need to be flexible in your vision.
The great thing is that there is always options that are just as beautiful if not more.

In addition to the location factors we also love to make choices that help to support and take care of our environment. Florals are not always the most eco-friendly choice in an event, however we are always using our creative juices to find a balance between visually beautiful and environmentally beautiful.

Food for thought:

  • The main thing that you need to consider when choosing florals is temperature.It is hot and humid in the Cayman Islands and not all flowers and plants enjoy this heat, sometimes they wither away like me in mid August. You want to choose flowers that can withstand the heat for the entire day and not look sleepy by the time your first dance rolls around.
  • It is completely okay to select flowers that are not “beachy”. One of our favorite parts about planning weddings here in Caymans is working with couples that want their special day to be the perfect depiction of their day to day style even though they are in the tropics.It is okay to have your own style in a Caribbean environment.
  • Remember your environment, you are on an incredible, lush, tropical island. You don’t need a ton of florals for your event to be breathtaking.
  • Create beautiful floral arrangements that can be recycled from your ceremony through to your cocktail hour and reception. This will not only save you money but help reduce our use of florals for the day.
  • Living Plants and greenery are stunning and can add a very personal style and touch to any event. These plants and greenery can be kept alive and brought in through rental, purchased and given to guests as favors, kept for personal future memories, donated to local business, re planted and so much more. And these bright green beauties really pop in the tropical environment.
  • Find a florist that you trust because a lot of florals are flown in for your specific order and therefore mock bouquets are not always an option. Research portfolios and work with vendors that fall in line with your style to create a level of comfort.Photographs for reference are a great idea for your floral artist when you are working from a distance.

We are always here to help and are happy to work with you and your florist of choice to make sure that you understand all the best options for the environment. Feel confident that we will make sure your style and vision will become a reality.

We understand it can be hard from a distance but rest assure we know your desires and will make sure everyone is in a perfectly toned line of the end goal.

There are always options and we love a challenge in creating different and unique experiences. If you are looking to explore some new options for working with local floral and fauna send us a message, we look forward to creating some beautiful magic together.