Cayman Wedding Photographers

Photographs are one of our absolute favorite parts of every wedding/event. Photographs have the ability to tell a tale that will last for a lifetime to come. What photographer you chose to work with will be the game changer in what your story looks like in the end.
Unlike the work of other vendors, photographs aren’t something you can hear, smell, taste or even see at first. You really don’t know what you are getting until after the experience. This means that careful research and selectiveness regarding your photographer’s skills, artistic style and personal demeanor are very important.

Photographers are artists and their work will be the masterpiece that you take home to remember your special day. Each artists style varies based on many different parts of their experience and personalities. We find that choosing a photographer is a very personal choice as you need to be able to connect on multiple levels in order to assure you will have the images you dream of.

When choosing a photographer the first thing you will want to do is finalize a style that you envision for your day.

Do you picture soft and whimsical, dark and moody, earthy and organic, fun and vibrant? There are many different styles and tones that can capture our souls and this is about what sets your soul on fire.

Once you have decided on a style start doing your research. See who is out there, browse their portfolios to make sure your style falls in line with theirs. Once you have found a photographers style that you really resonate with schedule an interview.

Take some time to talk to the photographer of choice and make sure that you feel comfortable with each other, that you feel this is someone that sees your vision and vice versa. You want to feel confident to spend your most vulnerable moments with this person. You want to build a line of trust.

Once you have established your style and found someone that you can trust to share a common vision you have already done the hardest part.
Now get the information, compare packages, check dates, find out your rights to images and post production protocol. If this is a good fit for your budget and desires then confirm that photographer and get excited for the amazing images that are soon to come.

We have provided a variety of styles for photography that we are personally drawn to here in Cayman, however if there is something you desire that you do not find in our recommendations, let us know and we would be happy to help you find what you are looking for and expand our database.

If you have more questions or need support in speaking with a photographer please send us a note and we would be happy to help you find your special match.