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Cayman Hair and Makeup

Looking and feeling your best of your wedding day is so important. We all know as a woman how much pressure we put on ourselves to look perfect all the time and this is just accentuated on our wedding day. We spend months leading up to the day doing all sorts of tricks and treatments in order to feel our absolute best. Then on the day of our wedding we spend our entire morning/afternoon getting primped and primed for our big moment. For some this can be very stressful especially when you are in a hot tropical location with an artist you have not worked with before. The last thing we want is for you to not feel your absolute best on your wedding day and that is why we work with only the best and most reliable artists on island.

Whether doing your own hair and makeup or having a professional come in to work with you there a few simple things that you can do to make sure you are not stressed. As we all know stress causes pimples, fine lines and dark circles and those are not welcome at our weddings lol.


  • If you are on island prior to your wedding or event arrange a trial to work with your artist first hand. This can be done a few months or a few days before the big day if possible. If you are not on island prior to your event do not worry that is why we have our other suggestions in place.
  • Spend some time talking with your stylist on the phone, Skype or email. You want to connect and make sure you are on the same page and appreciate each other’s personalities. This is someone you are going to spend your most personal and vulnerable moments with, they will literally be right in your face. Build a connection, make sure you are on the same page and have a clear vision as to what you are looking for.
  • Plan a timeline. Hair and makeup takes time, especially when there are multiple girls getting ready. You do not want you’re morning to feel rushed or panicked. Have a timeline that allows ample time to get ready and ample time to just be present with the people that mean the most to you. Do not look back and wish you had more time to be present, be prepared and have a plan ahead of time and you will look stunning and be breathing in the moment.

If you have a timeline in action, have connected with your stylist and allow yourself to embrace the moment you will be perfect and we are here to help guide you in every way.

In addition to working with the best and most reliable stylist on island we also work with artists that have cruelty free, vegan, eco conscious products to make sure your body and your mind are getting the purest experience possible.