Cayman Wedding Decor

Decor for an event is like a magical unicorn. It has the ability to take something as it already is and turn it into something completely different, something unique and personal. Decor is something that we tend to spend the most time on when planning an event or wedding. The simplest things like the tone of the gold for the flatware or the thickness of the lace table runner can change the tone completely.

Couples tend to spend the most time perfecting the decor of the tablescapes as this is the space that is going to be the most communal and where a lot of time will be spent. The space where conversations are going to be had and the space where the people closest to you are going to share their hearts.

Decor is the time in a wedding where you can really show your true style. This is the aspect that allows you to show the part of yourself that you find most true. Our favorite part is that no matter what your style or what your vision it can be beautiful.

Weddings used to be designed with crystals and sequins and florals galore and even though this is still available things are shifting. Now there is so much more available for decor. People are using personal items that really display their true story and character.

We absolutely love this transition as it is allowing for events to be more environmentally and sustainably friendly.

We are using more recycled and vintage pieces. We are cutting down on the excess and instead of it being about how much we have it’s about the quality of what we do have. We are creating more custom styles and more personalized visions, dreamy.

In Cayman we have a selection of decor companies available however we also have access to unique one of a kind items and are always resourcefully sourcing and creating personalized and recycled items just for you. Do not feel decor is limited by the color of plate available as it is only limited by the imagination.