Vow Renewal Elopment

Cayman Vow Renewals and Elopements

Cayman is the perfect place for small, intimate celebrations. We love when couples come to Cayman because they are looking to re express their love or legalize their love in a low key, yet personal experience. At Direction Event Planning we welcome both couples who are looking to renew their vows as well as couples that are looking to have an elopement ceremony.

We know that even when it is a small ceremony with not a lot of people it is still something that is very important and should be beautiful and memorable. When coming last minute, from a far, or by yourselves it can be daunting to try and set up all of the details for this special celebration and we are here to make sure that you have nothing to worry about.

We have planning packages available for both these specific occasions because we want all our couples to know that no matter how many people , how far out you plan, or how long you have been together we think this is important and special.
Whether it is 2 of you on a beach or 100 of your closest friends coming to see you re pronounce your love for each other we will make sure that your day is as perfect and personalized as any of our events.

We have to admit that we have a special love for elopements and we absolutely love watching a couple express their love to each other with only each other. Sometimes we get very caught up when planning our weddings and think that it is important to please everyone else. When we see a couple who is there for only each other and can have every detail because of them and only them it make our hearts flutter.

And Vow Renewals… talk about a tear jerker. How amazing that after so many years together, through all the good and the bad a couple can look at each other and say that they would commit to each other over and over again, this is what fairy tales are made of.

We truly have a soft spot for these unique experiences and we can’t wait to share our knowledge in order to make this beautiful occasion as memorable for you as you deserve.

Looking to Elope or have a Vow Renewal in Cayman, send us a note. We would love to hear all about your love story and how we can help to be a part of the magical story.