Eco-Friendly Weddings

Cayman Eco-Friendly Weddings

I am sure you are starting to notice the theme here at Direction Event Planning. We LOVE and support eco-friendly weddings. We are very lucky to be going through a time where people and companies are seeing what is going on and are ready to make a change. Weddings are typically not the most eco-friendly or sustainable experiences. However there are ways to change that and it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice having the ultimate experience.

A wedding doesn’t have to be in a farm or field to be eco-friendly. Even though we sure do love a farm or field wedding 🙂

It’s simply a question of reducing the amount of energy and material used to bring the day together. This is something that we can make happen with just a few simple steps. We love to work with our clients to find the best places and ways to make this possible.

Some things to consider when planning your eco-friendly wedding:

1) Wedding Location
We are very aware that the biggest carbon footprint of your wedding is the travel. We also understand that we are in a location that is a destination venue meaning the majority of your guests will need to fly to get here. Even though this not something that is the most eco friendly we also understand that people want to get married on the island and we know better than anyone why. The island is a magical paradise and what a better place to celebrate your love.
There are a few points to remember when making this choice though.

  • It is okay to get married in a destination location, we are able to have our dreams become a reality and do it the most ethical way possible.
  • Majority of destination weddings are smaller groups of people which is a reduction of a lot of other waste from a traditional at home wedding.
  • Once on island you can use group transportation to get around.
  • When inviting your guests you can mention Carbon Offsets. You do not have to push your guests to purchase however it is a great way to try and balance your carbon footprint and make a difference. Some airlines even offer for you to purchase carbon offsets upon purchasing as well as some as tax deductible. This is a great way to enjoy your destination holiday/event and reduce your impact.

2) Wedding Venue

  • Choose a venue that has eco friendly and sustainable practices in place.
  • Make sure that proper recycling and composting is available for waste.
  • Choosing spaces that are more intimate which mean a lower guest count is also a great way to reduce your impact.
  • When possible choose spaces that use LED lighting, solar power, wind turbines, rain water etc.

3) Wedding Favors
Forget sweet wrappers and cellophane gift bags: an eco-favour is much better for the planet. There are many ways to cut down your waste on wedding favors.

  • You can double up your place settings and favours.
  • Choose local products that people will actually use and come in recyclable and reusable containers or no containers at all.
  • Incorporate small plants and succulents for special take homes or seeds to grow at home if better for traveling.
  • Purchase favors that are already recycled items. In Cayman we currently have a company making amazing products out of recycled plastic.
  • Edible favors to enjoy on the day of.

The list can go on and on.

4) Wedding Dresses

  • Consider how many outfits you’re buying for your wedding, from your dress to suits, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl clothes.
  • When purchasing wedding attire consider purchasing a vintage or pre loved dress.
  • If you want to purchase a dress or suit that will start your own memories and tradition than consider an ethical designer. There are now so many amazing ethical designer out there that create the most amazing pieces. Seek out designers committed to environmentally-friendly fabrics and ethical production.
  • When purchasing do so in a way that you can reuse, pass on or sell.

Especially for bridesmaids and the men these dress and suit purchases can be for many more amazing memories to come.

5) Wedding Stationary
Wedding Stationary means lots and lots of paper. There’s several ways to reduce the environmental impact of sending all those paper invites, but the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle are key here.

  • A few ways you can reduce this waste is by send e invites. We know that this is not for everyone and can take a way that touch of tradition so if looking to send paper invites recycled and recyclable products.
  • Cotton paper is the least impactful and there are even invitations that are seed paper so your guests can plant them and have beautiful flowers to remember this time forever.
  • Also consider the ink, vegetable and soy based inks give of the least toxic emissions when breaking down.

6) Wedding Catering
Food and Beverage tend to be the largest part of the wedding experience. When choosing your catering company whether in house or contracted out of house be sure to find out what there environmental practices are.

  • Make choices that reduce waste and excess.
  • Opt for companies that do not use disposable products as much as possible.
  • Try to work with companies that use local and organic products where ever they can.

7) Wedding Florals
Flowers really are key to the overall feel of a wedding. They are something that for many people are very crucial in making their vision a reality. We understand and completely agree. This is not something that we would ever ask our couples to remove, however there are ways that we can use them responsibly.

  • Wherever possible try to use local and in season florals.
  • Reduce the overall abundance of florals and try to incorporate in a way that they can be reused from each location (i.e. Ceremony, reception etc).
  • Ask your floral artist to not provide florals in Oasis (plastic foam) or to wrap them in plastic wrap.
  • Try incorporating potted plants and air plants and flowers instead of cut florals. They are gorgeous and add a stunning ambiance.

The key with florals is to use them in their most natural state as possible, forage the land and embrace the beauty.

8) Wedding Decor
When choosing your wedding decor there are MANY ways that you can reduce your waste and make a beautiful space.

  • Rental companies have not only tables and chairs but also lots of personal and unique rental items.
  • Scour local second hand and antique shops for special touches.
  • Choose items that have been or can be reused.
  • Use decor items that you or your loved ones already have or if purchasing items that you can continue to use in the future. Weddings are so personal so what better way to show your style than by incorporating things that you already have.
  • Use candle light to create ambiance and mood, you will reduce on electricity and create a welcoming space.

This is just a few of the ways that you can make choices towards a more eco friendly wedding. You really can incorporate your beliefs and values into every aspect of your day from beginning to end and still have the most stunning day ever.

We love to work with like minded companies, clients and vendors. If you have suggestions on new ways we can incorporate eco friendly and sustainable practices into our events please send us a note as we always love to expand our offerings and knowledge.

Let’s work together to make beautiful, sustainable events to remember.