Wedding Packages

Cayman Wedding Packages

At Direction Event Planning we offer many different event services with a special focus on Weddings. Multiple Wedding Packages have been created to help direct you in the decision of knowing how much support you will be looking for. Even though these specific packages are offered each client and their needs is extremely unique and therefore services will vary to suit our clients perfectly. The Wedding Packages provided are a basic outline for the amount of services that you are looking for, they are not limited to what you see and anything that you desire is available.

Our basic packages describe three basic levels of service – Full Coordination, Partial Coordination and Day of /Month of Coordination.

In addition to these three packages we also offer custom packages, vow renewal, elopement, corporate events, private parties and much, much more.

Full Coordination Packages will offer you everything from Concept to Execution. Every aspect of your event will be designed, planned and executed for/with you.

Partial Coordination Packages will be if you already have an idea of what you are envisioning and have a few of the puzzles pieces in place. We will work with you to bring together the other pieces and make sure everything is exactly as it should be moving forward.

Day of/Month of Packages are for when you have planned all of the details and have everything in place but are needing someone to finalize, take over and manage the big day. We say day of services because the key is for us to make sure the actual day runs smoothly, however we do step in one month prior to connect with everyone involved and make sure all is as it should be for the perfect day.

No matter which package or service you chose we welcome you to be as involved or uninvolved as you desire. The entire planning experience is about you and what you need to have the perfect occasion. Whether planning locally or from a distance we will make sure that you are aware of everything that is happening and that your vision becomes a reality.

Grand Cayman Weddings

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and is truly a magical destination. The island is home to some of the worlds whitest beaches and most breathtaking sunsets.
Grand Cayman is located just South of Miami, Florida and from the moment you arrive you are taken away by the crystal clear oceans and warm Caribbean breeze.

When in Cayman you are transported to another world where all your worries are carried away and all your tropical dreams are a reality. Our lush lands provide diversity and beauty at every corner.

When planning a wedding in Cayman you will find that even though on a small island the world is your oyster. On island we have access to many options for making your special day as memorable as you desire.
At Direction Event Planning we focus on being an eco- friendly, sustainable company that supports the local community. When experiencing an event with Direction you will partake in all the offerings Cayman has to share with you. We want you to have not only a day to remember but a full experience to cherish forever.
So join us in this rich lands of Cayman as we enjoy all aspects from land to sea. While we savour our fresh mangoes and coconut water, while we swim in the wild with the sea life and bask in the beauty of the rare blue iguana.

When you look back at your time in Cayman you will not just remember a day, a moment, an hour… you will remember a time in life like none other.

You will remember the smell of the sea in the air, the color of the blue in not only the sky but the water, you will remember fresh local fruits, you will remember the north end, the east end and the west end, you will remember the most kind and genuine people you have ever met and you will remember that this is where you got married!