The Birth of A New Direction

The idea of starting a blog is daunting, to say the least. First you have to decide the base of what you are going to talk about. What do people want to hear? How can I be helpful to people looking for information? And at the same time create something captivating enough that people would want to read the whole thing and if I am lucky maybe even leave with something valuable and want to come back. People think that planning a wedding is stressful. No way, planning a blog is stressful lol.

Now I am here spinning my wheels in my head trying to figure out what to write and realize I just need to write what I know.

Pretty obvious, that was the answer all along.

So what is it that I know – Weddings & Events

Pep Talk to self – “Write about what you know, your experiences and what you learn along the way. Share with others the information and experiences you have that can be helpful to them”.

Well lucky me as I have so many great (and some not so great) experiences that I can share with others and each and every one of them has its part in this magical land that I am so blessed to be in .

So we will start at the beginning of this stage of the journey (and some weeks we will talk about the many stages before). After years and years of planning weddings and events in Canada I was offered a job to move to Cayman and work in a restaurant, and I went.
I know, pretty crazy, right!?! But I went and didn’t even think twice about it.

When you start to fly over Cayman and the blue of the ocean vibrates around you the world becomes silent and you realize what paradise really looks like.

The number one question clients ask me is how I ended up in Cayman and really it was complete fluke. I had never been in Cayman, I didn’t know the restaurant that was offering me a job. I knew only one person who thought maybe by chance I would be interested and funny enough, I was.

The amazing woman who brought me to this special place I now call home. Eternally grateful for this opportunity and being brought to this place in my life.

At that time I was at a point in my life where I was looking for a change and that change was being offered to me on a beautiful silver platter with a note saying“ Get Up, Take a Leap and Make a Change” so I got up, I took a leap and I made the change.

I sold everything I owned, except two suitcase (busting at the seams of course), I went to Thailand for one month traveling with a girlfriend (bucket list item) and then I got on a plane to the Cayman Islands where my new experience was awaiting.

The amazing Calypso Grill welcomed me with open arms. A home away from home and more than I could have ever dreamed of. Working in this space was a gift and one that lead me to stay in Cayman and continue with my true passion. Calypso will always be a top recommendation to everyone I know and a part of my heart, a special space that makes every single person who attends feel special and at home.

The plan was always simple, Once contract, Six months , A little change and then back to “reality”. Never would have thought in a million year that this was reality, that life was sending me exactly to where I was meant to be and I wasn’t going anywhere.

After my first 16 months in Cayman it became obvious to me that I wasn’t going anywhere and if I was going to stay in Cayman I had to do “what I do”. I started to get involved with the local Event Planning industry to feel out what was happening on island and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to get back into events and I was going to do it in Cayman.

The first thing I did was get involved with The Cayman Island Humane Society’s annual gala.

Within a few week of starting to plan the gala I realized I needed to do more, I needed to be more involved with the community, I needed to bring my experience and passion to the island and in that moment I realized it was time to open my own company. In that moment A New Direction Was Born!

Since that moment a lot has happened and has happened very quickly. I have been blessed to meet and work with many people in the local community and have created this special company.

Direction is a boutique event planning and design studio that focuses on creating eco friendly , sustainable events while working with local vendors here in Grand Cayman.

Our job is to work with couples and clients on island and off in order to create a truly authentic and personal event |wedding experience that is not only spectacular and memorable but kind to our environment.

This blog will be dedicated to talking about all things Weddings & Events (with an eco focus of course). We will talk about the things we stand for, the amazing island we live on, the trends, new and fun ideas and so much more. We will share with you as we create magical moments for our clients and as we learn, discover and explore not only in Cayman but Worldwide.

We look forward to sharing with you all things beautiful both near and far and all things amazing about the industry we call home.

Welcome to Direction Love Bugs