In the last years Cayman has come out with all sorts of fun and unique water sports. Don’t think that if you don’t scuba dive that you won’t have options to enjoy the water. Cayman is home to some of the bluest water in the world and they are a site to be seen from below an above.

As mention we do have some of the best diving in the Caribbean however if you are not a diver don’t be discouraged as the snorkeling is also top notch. What a great way to spend a day with your wedding entourage exploring the world down under on an island snorkeling tour.

Check out some of these special snorkel spots:

(Snorkel gear can be rented and purchased on island. Tours are available however you are more than welcome to go to these public locations independently with your group)

1. Wreck of the Gamma
2. Wreck of the Cali
3. Rum Point
4. Eden Rock
5. Cemetery Beach
6. Seven Mile Beach
7. Cheeseburger Reef
8. Spotts Beach – wild turtles galore
9. Coral Gardens
10. Smith Cove

In addition to diving and snorkeling there are lots of other great water sports available on island including but not limited to :

1) Parasailing
A safe but exhilarating ride suitable for the whole family will have you soaring hundreds of feet above the crystal blue water of Seven Mile Beach. Start and land from the back of a boat with a cheeky dip in the sea should you choose. No experience is required

2) Mangrove Kayak Tours
Paddle through the peaceful mangrove forest, these tours will allow you to explore the magnificent ecosystem on comfortable kayaks, while enjoying the sounds of nature. You will encounter Cayman’s wildlife in their natural habitat, observing coastal birds, fish, green iguanas, orange sponges, and anemones.

3) PaddleBoarding
Our favorite company Vitamin Sea Cayman Islands offers paddle board yoga as well as group paddles. The perfect activities for your wedding entourage to explore and get a good work out in all while having fun.Set classes as well as private classes available.
Perk-her boards are gorgeous and it make for some great group photo ops.

4) Boat Charters
The Amazing Blue Water events provides multiple boat events for you and your crew.

Everything from top deck movie night, theme nights, poker parties, fancy dress parties and so much more. Create a memorable experience with this dream team.

There are also multiple other great boat tours that take you for days trips to stingray city, starfish point, rum point etc.

5) Submarine Tours
Experience the thrill of journeying beneath the sea on a tour in a real submarine. A technological marvel, the Atlantis XI Submarine was specifically designed for underwater sightseeing excursions. The spacious cabin is air-conditioned and for your added comfort, maintained at sea level pressure (no effect on the ears). The smooth ride and clarity of the water will amaze you as you explore Grand Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park to depths of 100 feet.

6) Jet Skis
Rent Jet Ski’s at your leisure so that you can explore the beauty of the Cayman Islands by water on your own personal watercraft. Whether you want to zip along Seven Mile Beach or experience the popular sites within the North Sound. You can rent for multiple days – or get a private guide to take you on your own safari trip.

Visiting Stingray City by Jet Ski is one of our most popular excursions. You can take your time and won’t have to worry about being on a busy tour boat.

7) JetPack Flying
Jetpack Cayman is the latest in ultimate water sports adventures in the Cayman Islands. Flying a Jetpack will definitely provide a brilliant rush. As soon as sufficient lift is applied, you and the Jetpack become weightless and levitate in the air. The three dimensional freedom of movement is like no other!

8) KiteBoarding
West Bay (Barkers), South Sound and East End are favorite local spots to go kiteboarding. With beautiful crystal clear waters that are protected from the reef in shallow areas you can be sure to grab an adrenaline rush from this attraction.

Kite Surf Cayman is the best company around and includes private lessons, semi private lessons and advanced lessons.

9) Water Tricycle
Three wheels, wide paddles and flexible steering make Water Trikes easy to ride with stability and smooth maneuverability. Using them is intuitive, with no special lessons or extra equipment necessary. Great fun for all ages of the family.

These are just some of the fun water activities that Cayman has to offer. Now slap on your suit and start splashing into some water adventures in this magical ocean.