Their area definitely some perks to shopping in Grand Cayman as we are tax free and duty free. This leaves a great opportunity for our visitors to purchase jewelry and stones. A lot of guests popping onto the island from the cruise ships will use this opportunity wisely.

For us we look at the shopping experience a little differently. When staying on the island for an extended period of time a lot of people ask what their options are for shopping. We have to admit it is slightly limited.

We have a large selection of tourist shops in George Town where you can buy small souvenirs and Cayman branded items galore. And we have the new and very metropolitan Camana Bay where you will find more high end designers and top quality products.
In addition you have the shops inside the larger hotels which will offer some of your last minute desires upon arrival if needed.

We do suggest that you bring anything you made need along with you as the selection is limited on what you will find on the island and the prices are quiet steep even with tax free payments.

However if you are in need of some items while on island or just want to take home that something special we have listed some of our favorite spots to shop and some little hidden gems that will fulfill all of your needs.

Cayman has a large selection of local products that you can take home and enjoy as you look back on your memories and those are things we think are worth shopping for.
Don’t forget local rum cake, spirits, hot sauce, sea salt, jams and jellies, soaps and so much more. Help to support our local economy while buying treats that you can really savor.