Land Activities

Land Activities

Whether you are a Land lover or a water lover there is a huge selection of adventures to go on while in Grand Cayman. We know that marriage is one of the biggest adventures our lives but we don’t feel that it needs to stop there. When coming to Cayman for your wedding we want to make sure that you have thru and thru the best time of your life. No matter what it is that you look for in an activity Cayman is sure to come through.

Now we all know that being surrounded by water means a lot of water activities but we have some pretty amazing Land Activities also.

When planning your wedding week timeline be sure to include some of our absolute favorites.

1) Queen Elizabeth ll Botanical Park
Serene surroundings, floral aromas and glorious gardens make the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park an ideal place to spend a leisurely hour or two communing with nature. A masterpiece of horticultural architecture, the 65-acre park is filled with endemic and non-native species that flourish in the artfully manicured grounds.
Scents of sweetly perfumed plants pervade the air as visitors meander through the grounds composed of a series of individually themed gardens.
The Botanical Gardens are also home to the rare endangered Blue Iguana. Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to spot this magical dragon.
Also one of our all time favorite wedding venues on the whole island.

2) Crystal Caves
Glitz, glam and diamonds don’t have to be the only sparkly part of your wedding week. The Crystal caves are a complex cave system that contain an abundance of stalactites, stalagmites, grottos and towering columns, deep within a 200-acre tract of virgin tropical forest in the Old Man Bay area in North Side. They provide a 90-minute tour which takes visitors through the surrounding tropical forest area and three spectacular caves – the largest featuring a picturesque lake.

3) Drive the Districts

One of the best ways to soak up the island’s unique sites, culture and people is hitting the road. Rent a car, jeep or scooter, and create your own itinerary.
Grand Cayman’s five districts – West Bay, George Town, Bodden Town, North Side and East End – each offer an array of attractions and activities.
Find out about all the little special stops and add them to your list.

Don’t miss:

  • Hell
  • Lovers Wall
  • The Blow Holes
  • The FlipFlop Tree
  • Be sure to include our special culinary stops:
  • Mudslides at Rum Point
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding at Calypso Grill
  • Cassava Cake at Grand Old House
  • Conch Soup at Heritage Kitchen
  • Jerk Chicken at Czech Inn

4) Pedro St James
Pedro St James is a national historic site with a rich and colorful background.
The impressive property is a style of building known in the West Indies as a great house.
Built more than 200 years ago, the house has been restored to show the grandeur in which its early occupants lived, compared to the small single-story dwellings of most inhabitants in Cayman. Pedro St James has spectacular views of the ocean and has an on site location to enjoy local spirit tasting or enjoy a cocktail for happy hour.

5) The National Gallery
The National Gallery is a cultural cornerstone of the Cayman Islands, a hub of artistic and educational activity. It’s exhibitions primarily feature the works of established and emerging Cayman artists but also draw from the regional and international stage.

6) Hike The Mastic Trail
For visitors seeking to commune with nature, it’s highly recommended to explore the majestic Mastic Trail. This North Side gem is home to some of the island’s unique and colorful plants, birds and wildlife. It’s named after the mighty mastic trees that can be found along the restored footpath.

7) Visit Cayman Farmers Markets
Cayman’s colorful markets give visitors a chance to meet local farmers, the individuals operating local cottage industries and the craftspeople behind some of the most unique keepsakes and gifts you will find here. Find everything from local produce to hot sauces, oils, jelly, jewelry and many other Cayman momentums.

8) Tour Local Brewery & Distillery
Cayman is home to its own beer as well as local spirits both of which are extremely delicious. Take a tour through the brewery or distillery for an inside scoop into how the golden treats are created.

9) Horseback Riding
Horse riding is popular in Cayman, with a number of on-island stables offering packages that suit any level of experience. With the refreshing northeast prevailing trade winds coming off the Caribbean Sea, you can take a morning ride, or an evening ride, which takes in the breathtaking colors of sunset. Barkers National Park is the perfect place to explore on the back of a horse. Not only is there four miles of majestic white sands, but also miles through the heart of the wetlands that offer the ultimate eco-tourism experience. Experience Cayman’s natural landscape, with a dazzling array of mangroves, pine trees, and spider lilies as well as iguanas and native birds.

10) Bioluminescene
A light to moderate 25 minute glass bottom kayak paddle to Bio Bay right before dark. When entering the bay, each paddle stroke disturbs the water making it glow. There is lighter and brighter patches throughout the bay and the glass bottom really adds to the experience. Bioluminescence is a unique and magic natural occurrence which makes you feel like you are in a Disney movie. The glow depends on the time of the month and the moon so make sure to plan around the appropriate times of the month.

11) Walk Dog at the Humane Society
The local Humane Society has an abundance of Dogs that needs some love and expertise on the daily. Dog walking is open to locals and tourists alike and is a great way to get some expertise and do something amazing for our cuddly friends in need.

12) Walk Camana Bay
Camana Bay is home to tons of great restaurants and shops and a cute metropolitan complex. You can find beautiful walking paths, a private island, beautiful lit up fountains, a movie theater and much more. We love to walk around and browse with a true Italian style gelato from Gelato Co.

This is just a few of our favorite on island adventure. There is so much more to see and explore. We can’t wait to see where you discover on your adventures.