When my husband and I asked Amanda to plan our wedding, we were 4 months from the big day and hadn’t even booked our venue. Living and planning a wedding a full day’s travel from our families, we were lost and alone trying to navigate a process we knew nothing about. But from the first meeting with Amanda I felt supported and confident that things were finally under control.

Although I didn’t think that I had any idea of what I wanted for my wedding day, Amanda was able to coax out my ideas and dreams with well planned out questions and scenarios. I never felt pressure to be more or less traditional; the planning process was centred on what made sense for who we are as a couple and what would be comfortable for our guests. Once we had established a vision for the day, Amanda was able to reconfigure our thoughts to fit into our budget, time frame and resources.

Amanda has the rare ability to be genuinely happy and excited for others, and I was so relieved to be able to work and plan and talk with someone who cared about my wedding as much as I did. Although we became quite close in the months leading up to the wedding, Amanda was always professional; never becoming too involved to see things with a practical and objective eye.

I am so grateful to Amanda for helping us to bring our dream wedding to reality. We ended up with a successful four-day weekend event that our friends and family are still talking about a year later. I would happily recommend Amanda to plan any event, knowing that she will ensure that it comes together seamlessly despite inevitable obstacles, and that her energy and imagination will ensure the event is full of fun, beauty and magic.

Kristin Fells

I have known Amanda for a long time, and over the years I have been lucky enough to share many important events with her. Everything from 30th birthdays to baby showers and weddings.

Amanda makes it a priority to create something personal, unique and beautiful making every experience one to remember.

Her patience, organization, vision and attention to every detail is incredible to see. She makes sure every event is executed with professionalism but always with a personal connection.

For someone like myself, who is not crafty or artistic in any way, having someone to trust to create something so perfectly fitting (when I couldn’t see the vision myself) helped create memories that will last a lifetime.

Natalie Merta

Amanda has been a pleasure to work with. She is charming, creative, hard working, organized and extremely dedicated. She thrives when things are very busy, and crazy, and can bring a sense of calm and organization to the chaos. Her sense of detail is impeccable, her communication and people skills with everyone from customers to the entire staff have made it all work.

She has met and exceeded all of her responsibilities. I think she has the ability to do well in what ever she does.

Mark LeCorre

Amanda was recruited by the Board of the Humane Society to plan and run the Furball gala for 2018. The Furball is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year and it raises essential funds for the shelter.

We found Amanda to be dedicated, creative, resourceful and professional and she was instrumental to the success of this event. To date the Furball gala 2018 has been our most successful gala to date and Amanda’s contribution to this cannot be understated. She volunteered a huge amount of her time and skills to organizing and running the event, obtaining key sponsors, liaising with service providers, managing the event budget and providing creative ideas to ensure that the event surpassed previous years, and the Board’s expectations.

The board was thrilled with the success of the Furball 2018 and we are immensely grateful to Amanda for her help in making it the most successful Humane Society fundraiser to date.

Laura Medley
Director of the Board Cayman Islands Humane Society