Eco Friendly Sustainable

Our Approach


Nowadays there are so many words that we use in order to talk about doing something for the planet/environment. Everywhere you look there are now green projects and ethical companies, fair trade practices. We are so happy to see a constant transition in the market and see more and more people getting involved in trying to make a change. Sadly a lot has happened that has not been so good for our environment and the planet and the time has come for us to come together and make a difference not only for ourselves but for the beautiful world we live in and the future generations to come.

At Direction our focus is on being as eco conscious and low waste as possible. In our years of planning weddings and events we have seen the reality of how much excess and waste really comes from these occasions. At first we thought that this was something that was necessary and completely acceptable since it was only for one day. That in order to have a beautiful, memorable experience sometimes we needed to make sacrifices. But it is not true, it is complete possible to have an amazing, incredible, visually breathtaking wedding or event and still be conscious of the environment and your impact on it.

The words that we choose to focus on are Eco Friendly and Sustainable. Eco friendly means to make choices that do not harm the environment and Sustainable means to not compromise the ability of future generations to meet there needs. We work hard to make sure that every one of our clients can have exactly what they dream of and do this in the most eco friendly and sustainable way possible. We want to help save this planet and we want to make sure that this beautiful land we are so lucky to call home is still there for our future generations to come.

In order to do our part we work hard to reduce our impact, find new and creative ideas to be as low waste as possible, work with the local vendors in order to support our economy and our land and try to use as much local products (including food and beverage) as possible.

Let us help you to celebrate the most amazing day of your life in a way that will make sure you have a place to cherish those memories forever.

If you have any questions about ways that you can have a more eco friendly or sustainable event please send us a note. We love to chat about ideas we already have as well as come up with new and exciting ideas together. Together we can make a difference and have a blast while doing it.